Family Photo Project (Click to View)

Sometimes my memories are unclear, blurry, the closer I get the more unclear they are but I remember that they loved me. 


Broken Heart (Click to View)

Sometimes the only thing we can do is let our heart break a little


Noni’s Table (Click to View)

When we feel that we don’t belong anywhere else in the world sometimes the table can represent home. 


Offerings of the Flesh (Click to View)

They tell us that our relationships with our parents will affect our love life, maybe they were right.


Nudes (Click to View)

It’s just flesh, get over it.

Warning: Contains adult content


Dad Standing Still (Click to View)

Time stopped for him, this sculpture immortalizes him.


Dad’s Keys (Click to View)

He once told me that he did not care what I did with him after he died. He said, “Just put my ashes in a coffee can, I don’t care”. I wonder if he still thinks that. 


Videos (Click to View)

Sometimes, I just like to make creepy stuff.